Finding the ideal fish for your new freshwater fish tank might be difficult if you’re a beginner. What you actually need is something that can withstand the elements, is inexpensive, has a distinct design, and will attract attention. Establishing and caring for an aquarium could be taxing, but some fish make the procedure much easier. Here are our top 5 recommended fish in no specific order for low-maintenance beginners that would grow in your fish tank.

Types of Freshwater Fish

Are you a beginner in the world of raising pet fish? Having many alternatives offered may appear overwhelming at first. In this article, we will talk about some types of freshwater fish that are suitable as pets for both novice and skilled aquarists (fish keepers).


An extra durable and low-maintenance fish option is the corydoras. They are a highly active kind of catfish and spend most of their time consuming any food scraps by swimming down the tank’s base. They are tropical fish and require a tank temperature of at least 72 degrees Fahrenheit to survive. They do well in containers with a selection of tropical fish and appear to prosper in at least three groups.


Giving a large enough tank for your goldfish makes caring for them a wind. Due to their extreme waste production, goldfish and other small aquarium inhabitants will not last long in containers holding less than 10 gallons of water. And waste reduces the quantity of oxygen in the water. There needs to disappear than one or two goldfish for every 10 gallons of well-filtered aquarium water.

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Zebra Danios

Zebra danios are durable fish that might be kept in fish tanks of any dimension. The water in their tank must be maintained at a regular temperature of at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit, as these fish belong to the tropical family. Don’t get just one Zebra Danio– a school of five or more is even more enjoyable. They are generally found in pet stores and get along with most other peaceful exotic fish.

Platys and Swordtails

As a result of their similar looks and nearly equal demands, platys and swordtails are included in the same category. These bright orange and red tropical fish are offered at most pet shops. Put them in a 10-gallon aquarium with water maintained at 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and you’ll have no problems. And they’re pleased to swim along with any other peaceful tropical fish. Platys and Swordtails are two fish that often breed in aquariums. Since they are livebearers, their fry (babies) begin swimming right after birth.


You can normally discover beautiful beta fish in little bowls at your local pet store. They are very low maintenance, and their long, colorful fins can be any shade of red, purple, or blue. The only issue with owning a Betta fish is that they must be kept alone because males would kill each other if kept together, and females are hard to come by in pet shops. They do not get along with other kinds of pet fish since other fish like to bite on their long fins.

These fish are perfect for beginners since they are hardy, low-maintenance, and widely offered at pet stores.

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